I Came Back For You

"So he’s gonna go back in time, he’s gonna fall in love with Alisha, and then she dies … and they’re going to be stuck doing it over and over and over again for all of eternity?"


THE ULTIMATE SHIPPER MEME  [3/5] hand holding scenes

            scott & allison (1.06; teen wolf)

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get to know me meme : [3/5] favorite tv showsFriday Night Lights

"Gentlemen, the time has come for me to move on. I will always remember the feeling of that hot breeze slapping my face as I walked onto the field on a hot Friday night in Texas… The sizzle of the hot dogs grilling up the concession stand… The smell of the grass… The vibrations from the bleachers as the crowd first roars… And all of your hopeful eyes shining out from underneath those helmets. And you will always be part of me. In my heart and my soul, you are my family. I ask only this of you: Wherever you go, whatever you do, remember this time. Remember this time, when together, we accomplished the impossible. I know wherever I go, whatever I do, I will take these memories with me. I will cherish these memories. Always."

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Nicki Minaj - Selfie queen

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Steven Yeun explains how his character has survived for so long on The Walking Dead

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Shades of wine
        love keeps dancing through my mind 

no i can’t escape this time
                    all because of y o u

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